What problem did you have before contacting S Stutzel Coaching?

I engaged with S Stutzel Coaching at a point in my career where I was struggling to find my voice and place within the organization I was employed. After spending nine years in public accounting, I made the switch to a corporate position within an industry that I had very little prior knowledge. I left work most days feeling deflated and unsuccessful amongst a group of peers with years of experience within the organization and industry that was new to me.

How did S Stutzel Coaching help you solve your problem?

Through guided conversations and small action steps that built each meeting, Susan helped me gain confidence in myself and my abilities as a finance professional to start voicing opinions with confidence. I no longer feel like an outsider, but one of the team.

How do you feel since S Stutzel Coaching helped solve your problem?

Since working with S Stutzel Coaching, I have gained confidence in myself and abilities which has led to success I never imagined just a few years ago. I have also realized that without clearly defined goals, life is just random. By working with S Stutzel Coaching, I have built a clearly defined vision and set of guiding values to help navigate both my personal and professional life.

What else would you like to share?

When I was first introduced to the concept of career coaching, I wrote it off as not something for me. I had made it this far without any help and plus goal setting and talking about feelings were just not my thing. After just a few sessions I realized this is exactly why I needed a coach! Susan is ever patient and has a way of making you feel empowered through each conversation. No matter how my day is going, after a conversation with Susan, I leave with a smile, renewed strength and confidence.

“A clearly defined vision and set of guiding values helped me navigate both my personal and professional life.”