What problem did you have before contacting S Stutzel Coaching?

I was not intentional about my personal time management. I would spend my day helping staff put out their fires and never complete my own work.

What did S Stutzel Coaching do to help you solve your problem?

Susan helped me brainstorm ways to improve time management. We tried different things, talked about results, and made changes to the plan if necessary. She helped me put things in perspective and know that small improvements are significant.

Susan fostered my ability to really hone in on what was most important to me and having that clarity helped me focus my time and attention. I was able to implement beginning and end of day routines that were instrumental in creating the balance I needed.

How do you feel since S Stutzel Coaching helped solve your problem?

I feel empowered by the strategies Susan taught me. If time starts getting away from me, I have the power to stop and re-group. The day or week doesn’t have to be a lost cause.

What else would you like to share?

Susan is an excellent listener and asks great follow-up questions to really get to the root of a problem. She’s a highly recommended coach!

“If time starts getting away from me, I have the power to stop and re-group.”