What problem did you have before contacting S Stutzel Coaching?

Initially, I suffered from a lack of confidence and inability to set boundaries. Over the years, Susan has helped me to address and overcome many self-limiting beliefs. I am currently working on leadership skills and self-awareness.

What did S Stutzel Coaching do to help you solve your problem?

Susan partnered with me on a thought-provoking process to identify my vision and address my most challenging obstacles.  Susan listened and consulted, encouraged me and unearthed my self-confidence. She brought clarity to my vision and goals and provided advice and strategies to help me find balance in my passions. Susan taught me how to advocate for myself and manage priorities. She helped me to embrace a new mindset – to be intentional and growth-oriented.  

How do you feel since S Stutzel Coaching helped solve your problem?

I feel confident, empowered and energized.

What else would you like to share?

Susan is making the world a more positive, caring, and engaged place and I believe we all need that!  

“Susan encouraged me and unearthed my self-confidence.”