Project Background

The nonprofit organization described below reached out to me at a point it was outgrowing its current accounting structure. Leadership was tapping into federal grant funding, which requires a higher level of detail from the transaction level all the way up through reporting, both internally and externally. 

I initially got involved to simply help get the accounting in order and make some recommendations on reporting going forward. It led to making recommendations on internal control structure, assisting with development of policies and procedures, creating more effective chart of accounts and use of class structure to eliminate duplicative work, analyzing accounts, and creating efficient financial statment reporting for both internal and external users.

The initial project lasted three months, but our relationship continued for years afterward as the needs of the organization changed and I was a valuable resource as it grew. In order to make the most informed decisions possible, I worked alongside the Executive Director, had regular conversations with the board of directors, and gained an understanding of the organizational structure from the front desk to the third-party vendors and contractors.

Client Feedback: How do you feel when you work with Susan?

Being the Executive Director of a very small nonprofit, I have to be a jack of all trades. This means I sometimes do not have the deep expertise in all areas that I would like to have. Susan is so experienced, clear, and easy to understand that I am very confident in my decisions regarding my organization’s financial processes and future because of my work with her.  

What makes Susan stand out?

Susan truly cares about each individual she works alongside and is invested in helping others succeed. She empowers clients to dig deep and uncover hidden aspirations, then will see them through the journey.

What makes Susan different from other firms and CPAs I have worked with is her vast experience and knowledge of nonprofit accounting, coupled with her unassuming nature. She is very willing to think outside the box, seek to understand, and offer varied perspectives and recommendations. And, when something is an absolute, she lets me know so.

Susan reads people extremely well and is sincere in wanting to serve others. She is able to leverage her vast experience to quickly assess her clientele’s situation and needs. Susan is incredibly intuitive, a wonderful listener, highly pragmatic, necessarily candid and has found her calling as a CPA and coach.


“Susan empowers clients to dig deep and uncover hidden aspirations.